Green Rose special brand MATCH

Our matcha is Green Rose special brand, so it’s not available at any other shops. We order the matcha green tea directly from a best farmer so that it’s always very fresh and keeps the best quality. Don’t miss this chance to try it.

20g⇒Named ” izaemon”, 1500 yen + sending fee/ 20g茶名「伊左衛門」 1500円+郵送料(1万円以上で郵送料無料)

40g⇒Named ”IZAEMON”, 2500 yen+ sending fee/ 40g茶名「伊左ェ門」 2500円+郵送料(1万円以上で郵送料無料)

☆Payment/ 支払い
VISA, MASATER, American Express via SQUARE

SQUAREを通してVISA, MASATER, American Expressまたは銀行振り込みが可能です。

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