Online Japanese Shodo Experience With Calligraphy Master

I would like to share my knowledge of “shuji” (calligraphy) and “shodo” (the way of writing) through this online experience. This experience is not only about writing calligraphy. You’ll also learn about its background and the history of the Japanese language. Calligraphy expresses one’s personality and gives a good insight into that person’s way of life. It touches the heart and, somehow, clears the mind.

I’ll begin the session with an introduction to calligraphy and teach you Japanese words. After that, I’ll give a demonstration, and then you’ll get some hands-on experience. Lastly, we will have a Q&A session to cover what we have done in our class.

The session includes the following activities:

  1. Self-introductions 
  2. Lecture on the  “the way of writing”
  3. How to write beautiful Japanese calligraphy/ technique of writing
  4. Write calligraphy by yourself
  5. Questions/ Other

If possible, prepare the following calligraphy utensils:
Black ink,
Inkstone or black ink pot,
Calligraphy brush,

If you don’t have the utensils, please prepare a note and pen instead of the utensils.


  1. Carol Denn says:

    I loved the tea class. I am looking forward to booking the calligraphy class. I will wait for your email about how to book. Many thanks Carol

    • wakaba says:

      Dear Carol,
      Thank you for join tea ceremony class! I sent you e-mail so please check it the details.
      Green Rose