Great calligraphy experience


Abu Dhabi, Dubai
January 2, 2020
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Thank you for a great calligraphy experience!

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Dynamic calligraphy performance

Have you ever seen a huge calligraphy performance? Recently, calligraphy performances have become a popular method among young calligraphers to reach an audience, rather than exhibiting works after they are complete. The performance idea has gained the calligraphic art new fans. Calligraphy expresses a person’s personality and gives a good insight into that person’s way of life. It touches the heart and somehow, clears the mind. For this calligraphy experience, I’ll begin with an introduction to the art and some background of Japanese language. Then I will give a calligraphy performance as my way to express myself. After that, I will give you calligraphy certificate with your name in Japanese. And at the end of the show, you’ll receive my calligraphy as a souvenir.

The calligraphy session include the following activities

  • Introduction
  • Calligraphy performance
  • Get a certificate
  • Get a calligraphy gift



Duration: 60 minutes- 120 minutes


【Traditional way- used black ink】
2-4 people: 30000 yen per person (40000 yen for 1 person)
More than 5 people: 20000 yen per person

【New style- used water】
2-4 people: 10000 yen per person (15000 yen for 1 person)
More than 5 people: 8000 yen per person


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