Matcha lovers


Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
June 19, 2020


I have gotten her tea lesson in Kyoto but she was brilliant as always. I would say she has gotten more beautiful far from unchanging. Her act is elegant and obviously passionate to explain about Matcha and the way of tea originally. At that day she told me some episodes of her little trouble or points to pay attention to do experience sincerely. I owe what I do today to her a lot. I absolutely felt that Matcha lovers could take her lesson to get a deeper understanding and the person who is interested in the tea ceremony must be drawn into the details in her lecture and demonstration. I’d like to respect and applaud her again for making it on line!

The guest booked the online tea ceremony experience below

Virtual Chado experience

I gained 20 kg after I left in Japan about 3.5 years but thanks for drinking best matcha, I lost 15 kg only 6 months buck in Japan. It was successful diet in my life. That’s why I became one of the finalist of miss contest twice.
I want to share my knowledge about tea ceremony and health benefits of matcha green tea through this online experience.

The tea ceremony is not only about drinking matcha and eating sweets-there are more important pieces that I will teach you.
I will begin by giving an introduction about matcha and tea ceremony.
Then I will give a demonstration by performing the steps.
Lastly we will Q&A to cover anything the class.

The session include the following activities

1. Self-introductions 
2. Health benefits of matcha
3. Lecture of tea ceremony
4. Performance (please silence 10minutes)
5. I will teach you how to make delicious matcha.
6. Question/ Other

If possible, prepare the following tea utensils

  1. Matcha
  2. tea whisk
  3. bamboo tea spoon
  4. tea bowl
  5. hot water


10:00~/11:00~/12:00~/13:00~/14:00~/15:00~/16:00~/17:00~ 【Japanese standard time】
Duration: 1 hour

To check the time zone difference between your country and Japan, you may refer to


2-4 people: 2000 yen per person (3000 yen for 1 person)
More than 5 people: 1500 yen per person

Big group: 50000 yen per group
For company, or big numbers of group. Even 1000 people is Ok for 1 group.

You’ll virtually visit my tea ceremony via Zoom or Skype, and I’ll show you traditional Japanese room.
This experience is NOT same as offline-experience.


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