World of tea ceremonies


Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
November 3, 2019


You really do enter the world of tea ceremonies in a genuine and non-flashy way. We got lucky and we were the only ones at the session, so it was like a private session. It takes place in a nice cozy off the main path kind of home. You actively participate and learn Japanese words and phrases related to the stages of the ceremony. You learn to appreciate this unique moment in time and each movement by the host is something significant and calming. We felt such a connection with the experience that we now practice our own tea ceremonies at home (in our amateurish way) to re-align our focus and find appreciation. You will get a lot out of this experience, highly recommended.

The guest booked the tea ceremony experience below

Chado experience

There is much more to the tea ceremony than just drinking tea. It’s called WA-KEI-SEI-JAKU. WA means peace and harmony, KEI means respect, SEI means purity, JAKU means tranquility.

The tea ceremony experience itself is not only about drinking matcha green tea and eating sweets—there are more important pieces that I will teach you. I will begin by giving an introduction about manners of the guests in the tea ceremony. Then I will give a demonstration by performing the steps. Finally, you will have a chance to make your own tea during a hands-on activity. You’ll receive a certificate when you’ve finished. Let’s learn how to make and drink matcha green tea together.

The session include the following activities

  • Introduction
  • Performance
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Certificate

Our matcha is Green Rose special brand, so it’s not available at any other shops. We order the matcha green tea directly from a best farmer so that it’s always very fresh and keeps the best quality. Don’t miss this chance to try it.

You can drink matcha twice, and eat sweet twice.



Duration: 1 hour


2-4 people: 4000 yen per person (6000 yen for 1 person)
More than 5 people: 3000 yen per person


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