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Calligraphy master, Ryokufu Iwasaki

I, Ryokufu Iwasaki am taught Japanese in Australia and New Zealand for several years. I also had the chance to teach calligraphy and tea ceremony in Australia, New Zealand, England, and America. It takes 10 years to become an excellent calligraphy teacher. Even though I am young, I have over 27 years experience and I’m well qualified to teach calligraphy. I started studying the beautiful art of calligraphy when I was six years old, and throughout most of my life, I have dedicated myself to learning this art.
I am also a finalist of  2017 “Miss Wine” contest representing Kyoto prefecture, and a finalist of  2019 “MISS NADESHIKO NIPPON” contest representing Niigata prefecture.



  • Green Rose owner
  • 2019 Miss Nadeshiko Nippon Miss Niigata
  • 2017 Miss wine Kyoto


  • Calligraphy master in Kyoto
  • Tea ceremony master in Kyoto
  • Flower arrangement instructor in Kyoto
  • Cooking instructor in Kyoto
  • Teach how to put on Kimono


  • Japanese teacher in New Zealand
  • Japanese teacher in Australia


  • B.A in English Communication with teaching Japanese program, Keiwa College.
  • Calligraphy Teacher’s License
  • Tea Ceremony Advance License
  • Japanese teacher’s certification in Australia

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write about calligraphy, the way of writing, tea ceremony, kimono, information about Green Rose, my life, and so on.

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