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2020, Online tea ceremony/ Kanazawa in Japan
I have gotten her tea lesson in Kyoto but she was brilliant as always. I would say she has gotten more beautiful far from unchanging. Her act is elegant and obviously passionate to explain about Matcha and the way of tea originally. At that day she told me some episodes of her little trouble or points to pay attention to do experience sincerely. I owe what I do today to her a lot. I absolutely felt that Matcha lovers could take her lesson to get a deeper understanding and the person who is interested in the tea ceremony must be drawn into the details in her lecture and demonstration. I’d like to respect and applaud her again for making it on line!

2020, Online tea ceremony/ London in England
This was such a unique and genuine experience. Ryokufu has such a great knowledge on matcha tea and it’s benefits, and she was so kind and welcoming. Watching the tea ceremony felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and she explained matcha preparation and the ceremony so well. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is interested in tea, or who wants an authentic lesson in Japanese culture.

2020, Online tea ceremony/ Tokyo in Japan
It was a fascinating cultural learning experience with Ryokufu at her place on Sado Island, Japan. I learned so many interesting details about tea ceremony, Japanese cultural concepts, the process and philosophy behind the tea ceremony, and the healthy benefits of matcha. It was impressive and relaxing to experience the world of the tea ceremony.

2020, Online tea ceremony/ Chicago in USA
Ryokufu-san is a wonderful teach with a passion for tea ceremony and Japanese culture. She explained everything in a way I could understand. She was extremely organized and prepared even with a special angled camera so I could see the tea ceremony from overhead! The lesson was informative and meditative. I hope I can go learn from her in person, too!

2019, Calligraphy/ Washington in USA
This was a really cool experiance for me. I’ve practiced Japanese calligraphy just a bit at home and have been studying Japanese for about a year now, but it has all been self taught. Getting to sit down with an expert was amazing. I learned several language points I never knew before. Overall a really wonderful introduction to both elements of the language and the art form.
Thank you so much Ryokufu for your wonderful class and your patience with my clumsy hands :). I had a wonderful time! I will definately recommend your class to my friends in Seattle. I can’t wait to get home and start practicing with my new brush. お稽古ありがとうございました。

2019, Tea ceremony/ Okinawa in Japan
It was an absolutely amazing experience, the host is incredibly accommodating. Ryokufu is an expert in her craft of making matcha tea. The ceremony was delightful, insightful, and unique. Her studio is comfortable and well decorated, Ryokufu’s attention to detail made the ceremony experience that much more special for us. Ryokufu is friendly, kind, and a wonderful person to enjoy tea with. Highly recommend this experience for anyone looking for the best tea ceremony in Kyoto!

2019, Utrecht in Holland
We booked this experience a day before, and quickly got a response from Ryokufu. We actually were the only two people for the session, and really enjoyed it. A great way to learn more about the Japanese language!

2019, Calligraphy and Tea ceremony/ Duesseldorf, in Germany
We enjoyed both the calligraphy lesson and the tea ceremony with Ryokufu and we had a very good time. Ryokufu really cares about Japanese culture and encouraged us to try calligraphy ourselves which was very hard but a special experience. We can recommend booking Ryokufus experiences.

2018, Calligraphy/ Ruston in USA
Wow – what a great way to learn about the history of written language in Japan and to observe and to practice the art itself. Ryokufu was thorough (e.g., in answering our many questions) and patient (in demonstrating the technique and encouraging practice) and understanding (in setting the stage for our trying again in the event that we made a mistake on our “final” attempt). We left with great curiosity about the art and an interest in continuing our practice!

2018, Tea ceremony/ Ormond in Australia
Ryokufu was a delightful and gracious host. We learned a great deal not only about traditional Japanese tea ceremony but also about Japanese culture and some history. A beautiful setting and very authentic experience. This is a great experience in Kyoto!

2018, Tea ceremony/ from California in USA
My wife and I were very fortunate to observe Ryokufu perform the magnificent art of a Japanese tea ceremony. I want to emphasize that this has been undoubtably a peak experience for us on our 15 day trip so far. Ryokufu is exceptionally well versed in both English and Japanese. She takes time to explain both the history, significance, and process of the tea ceremony (with the added benefit of a Q&A session at the end of the experience). Afterwards, she performs the beautiful time honored tea ceremony tradition while also allowing observers to take photographs for memories sake. She then guides participants to making their own matcha tea which one can enjoy with the provided delicious bite sized snack. Lastly, Ryokufu showcases her amazing calligraphy skills when personalizing your certificate. As a bonus, we were able to purchase the matcha tea powder that she utilized during the class (which per my wife is the best she’s had when comparing to what we’ve enjoyed in California and Japan so far). We’ve been looking for matcha tea to bring home as gifts for family (and there are many vendors throughout Japan); who better to ask then a skilled artisan who has been practicing and honing her craft since she was 13? I highly recommend anyone visiting Japan to take a class with Ryokufu; you’ll be away from tourist traps, you get to be both an observer and semi-participant in a once in a lifetime experience, and you’ll gain a great story to tell back home. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.