tea ceremony experience

Tea ceremony experience in Nijyo in Kyoto

This is review from the guests! My wife and I were very fortunate to observe Ryokufu perform the magnificent art of a Japanese tea ceremony. I want to emphasize that this has been undoubtably a peak experience for us on our 15 day trip so far. Ryokufu is exceptionally well versed in both English and Japanese. She takes time to explain both the history, significance, and process of the tea ceremony (with the added benefit of a Q&A session at the end of the experience). Afterwards, she performs the beautiful time honored tea ceremony tradition while also allowing observers to take photographs for memories sake. She then guides participants to making their own matcha tea which one can enjoy with the provided delicious bite sized snack. Lastly, Ryokufu showcases her amazing calligraphy skills when personalizing your certificate. As a bonus, we were able to purchase the matcha tea powder that she utilized during the class (which per my wife is the best she’s had when comparing to what we’ve enjoyed in California and Japan so far). We’ve been looking for matcha tea to bring home as gifts for family (and there are many vendors throughout Japan); who better to ask […]

Calligraphy experience in Nijyo in Kyoto

This is a review from a guests in Green Rose. Great experience, super recommended!The calligraphy course was a fantastic experience which helped me to understand a very important side of Japanese culture. The teacher introduced me in a clear and synthetic way to the art and the origin of Japanese writing. She was so patient and dedicated when teaching me, so I could really improve step by step. The price is also very moderate, especially for having a professional teaching you. Very very recommended! This experience is not only about drawing calligraphy. You’ll also learn about its background and the history of the Japanese language. Calligraphy expresses a person’s personality and gives a good insight into that person’s way of life. It touches the heart and somehow, clears the mind. I’ll begin our session with an introduction to calligraphy and teach you Japanese languages. After that, I’ll give a demonstration and then you’ll get some hands-on experience. You’ll also get a certificate when you’re finished. The session include the following activities : Introduction Performance Hands-on Experience Certificate

Review/ レビュー

Justine  Ryokufu est très accueillante, souriante et nous avons bien pu discuter en anglais. Nous avons eu la chance d’être seuls avec elle pour la cérémonie du thé, nous avons donc pu prendre le temps de poser toutes nos questions ! La cérémonie en elle-même est assez courte mais agréable. J’ai pu apprendre de nouvelles choses. Le thé était délicieux !”